Jaume Vendrell and Francisca Castella establish a "retail trinkets" trade (1840 in Barcelona), near Parroquia del Carmen.

Great-grandparents Carlos Vendrell Castellá born in 1839 in Barcelona (near Parroquia del Carmen), he married with Maria Serra Comte, born in Sarria, and moved to live to Sans, where they open their jewellery.
(Carlos Vendrell Paradís is stage manager at the Sans town council).

They will have 6 sons, one of them, the third generation, Jaume Vendrell Serra, born in Sans in 1863 and who learn with his father the profession, some years later he moves to Barcelona in 1880.

He open his first jewellery in Ancha Street, nº 41.

The commerce moves to another city quarter, in the Hospital Street, where he open three shops in nº 7,17 and 37.

He had four children, between them the grandfather Carlos Vendrell Paradís born in 1880 in Sarria, where the family had moved his residence.

Age XX
He meet Adela Sàlvia Campanya in the Liceo and they get married.
He is set on its own with the help of his father and open the first shop in Ferran Street nº 24.

In 1921 inherit his father's shop in Hospital Street nº 37.

Some time later, they will open their first shop en las Ramblas, in the corner of the Liceo.
This period of time was very encourageous...

Age XX
Travels to Switzerland
They had a good relationship with the most important Switzerland brands that they distribute in Catalonia and Spain.

During 1928 they inaugurate the shop in Rambla de Cataluña with the name of Unión Suiza.

In 1930 have register their own watches brand Kronos.
It was build the factory watches in Switzerland in La Chaux de Fonds, where were working 400 persons.

And open in Barcelona two Kronos establishments, one in Rambla Canaletas nº 123 and another in Pelayo Street nº 12.

Age XX
After Civil War in 36...
Inaguration of the shop in Avenida Diagonal, that became an icon for all Europe.

During 50s they inaugurate the shop Vendrell Joyeros in Madrid, in the Gran Via Street - Fuencarral, Lluis Vendrell and Salvia, fifth generation, is in the shop during a period of time and strengthen the jewellery, it was the shop of reference in Madrid.

Age XX
Some time later he make changes at the company and reduce the number of establishements.

In this last period, Luis, Xavier, Cesar and David, strengthen the watch brand Kronos, new jewelery collections and the global brand Unión Suiza.

Today, in the early part of the 21st century, Unión Suiza has two different branches: "Unión Suiza de Distribución", has been in the family since 1930 and distributes the prestigious Swiss-made brand Kronos in Spain, and "Unión Suiza", focuses on the retail market with three establishments, two in Barcelona and one in Madrid, located in the heart of each city.

After Luis Vendrell Salvia led the business for years, today his descendants, the sixth generation of the family run it. These three shops have become an indispensable reference for their sector.